Why choose to train at NOS BJJ & MMA?

-We have been instructing BJJ and MMA since 2003.

-Mario Deveault has been a BJJ black belt since 2008.
-We are the official ATOS (World Champion Andre Galvao) Representatives in British Columbia.

-No robotic or cookie-cutter lessons.
-All learning and training is done in a fun, safe environment!
-We care about your kids and we have safest and the largest Kids’ programs in the North Okanagan Shuswap region!

-We have an exhaustive training schedule to fit your schedule!
-We at NOS do not rent out or share our training facility with workout gyms or other martial arts schools which allows us to have a very large flexible schedule with opportunity for extra open mat training sessions and private classes.


-People want to train at a stable location.  At NOS we are proud owners of the Vernon location and are well established in Salmon Arm; we will not move from place to place.

-Our locations are under 3 minutes from downtown, and there is no fighting traffic, no paying for meters or wasted time searching for spots, nor long walks back to the car, as we have ample parking in a safe area for everyone!

-Cleanliness is a must at both of our locations!

-Nobody likes to train in a club that is small, enclosed, or with a low ceiling and little to no fresh air.
-Our locations have:
    ~1500 and 2000sq feet of unobstructed training area!
    ~Windows, high ceilings, huge bay door for tons of fresh air!
    ~Business licenses and insurance.
    ~You will always find a parking spot!

-No prior training experience needed to start!
-The only requirement is to come and train, learn, and have fun!

-NOS BJJ & MMA is a recognized school with the International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation (IBJJF) which allows us to compete in all IBJJF tournaments in the world!

-No hidden fees, no belt tests!

-If you compare instruction, prices, locations, schedules, programs, and parking, we at NOS BJJ & MMA believe we are the best place to meet your training requirements!

Call for a free class today to see if our NOS family suits your training needs!
NOS BJJ& MMA 250-804-9262